Doukissa Cake - Christella Recipes





Ingredients Doukissa: 

11/2 tea cup butter unsalted
½ tea cup sugar
300 gr. Cocoa chocolate
350 fresh cream
2 spoon of brandy
3 packets of biscuit [morning coffee]
½ cup of milk

Directions Doukissa

1) Put the butter in a big pan and place it on the fire.
2) Lower the fire and add the cocoa chocolate Until it's melted.
3) Then add the sugar, milk, fresh cream, Brandy and the biscuit, which are already Crushed in small pieces.
4) Stir the mixture until it mixes together.
5) Pour the mixture in a long pan, which you already filled with green feel inside.
6) Put it in the  fridge until it's cold.
7) When the cake is hard enough, take it out of the fridge and gently remove it out from the pan
8) Serve it on a nice plate, preferably cold.

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